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I’m Johnson, and my start-up is organising a Merdeka Contest that would reward amazing Malaysians in the spirit of Merdeka and also benefit Cradle in many ways!

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Our Mission

Help Everyone FIND + BUILD Lasting Relationships

Here’s What’s In It For You

Reach 100,000 Potential Grant Applicants/Entrepreneurs

Reach At Least 100,000 Middle Class Malaysians Who Are Users Of Participating Start-Ups & Brands, among them entrepreneurs & founders.

Generate More Leads/Applications

Generate Leads/Applications To Your Subscribe/Application Page Or Whichever Call To Action You Usually Optimise For

Re-Activate Subscribers/Users

Re-Activate Your Existing Subscriber/User Base So Their Friends Know About You & Your New Programmes Too!

Strong Branding

Build Your Brand By Standing For Something ( E.g. Supporting #ENTREPRENEURIAL Malaysians)

Leverage On Everyone's Reach

Leverage On The Reach, Media Coverage & User Base Of All Participating Start-Ups & Their Friends Network To Promote Your Brand/Product/Grant/Programme

Push Notifications About Your Brand/Programme

Push Notifications To Wowwwz’s User Base To Inform Them About The Campaign You Are Sponsoring

Show Me The Contest Site Demo

Praise Friends | Meet Amazing People | Get Rewarded

Here’s How It Works

Featured On Main Contest Page

Your Brand/Programme Will Be Featured On The Main Contest Page, Where The #NICEST Person On Wowwwz As Voted By Their Friends By 31st August 2017 Will Win A Set Of All The Prizes Sponsored By All Participating Start-Ups & Brands

Choose An Attribute

Your Brand & Each Participating Start-Up/Brand Would Also Choose An Attribute E.g #COFFEE-LOVER, #HENEKIN-LOVER That Best Represents You & What You Stand For To Sponsor

The Top/Top Few (Depending On Start-Up) Ranked Malaysians With That Attribute Would Win A Set Of Rewards From The Respective Start-Up/Brand

Logo & Brand Message Featured On Users FB Posts & Shares

Your Logo Will Be Featured In The Generated Share Images For The Attribute You Have Chosen To Sponsor When Wowwwz Users Praise Each Other & Share To Facebook

Custom Call To Actions

You Can Include Custom Call To Actions For Your Start-Up Brand To Direct Users To Your Intended Page/Action (E.g. Grant Application Page)



You Can Also Create A Custom Attribute Like #Dropbox-Fan If None Of The Existing General Attributes Suits Your Brand

I Prefer Slides

Here’s What You Need To Contribute

1 X Perk/Prize

Since you’re not a startup with a product, we’re thinking lunch with the CEO or someone from Cradle to ask for advice?

2 X Email Newsletters

2 Email Newsletters To Your Subscriber Base Over The Course Of The Campaign Promoting The Contest With Your Campaign & Call To Action As The Focus . If You Don’t Have The Resources To Do It, We Can Design & Write The Email For You, All You Have To Do Is To Send It Or Give Us Access To Do So.

Part Of Monthly Ad Budget

Part Of Your Monthly Social Media Budget Promoting The Contest (Each Brand Will Promote A Page With Their Brand & Call To Actions As The Focus).

If You Don’t Have The Resources To Manage It And Track The Metrics, We Can Do It For You, Just Provide Us Your Budget And We Will Use It Fully On Optimising For Your Campaign & Call To Action. We Do Not Make Any Profit Or Charge Any Fees.

Check Out Live Demos

I've Prepared Live Demos


To let you get a feel of how the contest would be like, I’ve prepared live demos specific to your brand and call to actions which you can check out by clicking on your logo below. That would be the page you can promote to your user base.

Do also check out the main contest page which our media partners and ourselves will spend significant budget in promoting in addition to the viral and social effects of our app.

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Countdown To Merdeka!








Media Partners

Main Contest Page

Visit Demo Site

Preview What Your Customised Campaigns Could Look Like

NEXT Academy Believes In #MOTIVATED People!

Earn a scholarship worth RM11,800 for their iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp by NEXT Academy if you’re voted as the most #MOTIVATED person in Malaysia by 31st August 2017!



Fave Loves #THRIFTY People

Win RM800 Worth Of Fave Vouchers If Your Friends Think You’re The Most Thrifty Person In Malaysia By 31st August, 2017!



BloomThis Supports #ROMANTIC People!

Get 1 Year Free Subscription Of Premium Flowers From BloomThis If Friends Think You’re The Most Romantic Person In Malaysia By 31st August, 2017!



iFlix Loves #MOVIE-LOVERS!

Get 1 Year Free Subscription Of iFlix If Friends Think You’re The Most Movie-Loving Person In Malaysia By 31st August 2017.



Coffee Societe Loves #COFFEE-LOVERS!

10 Cups Of Free Coffee Up For Grabs For The 10 Most Coffee-Loving People (As Voted By Friends) On Wowwwz By 31st August 2017.



Hubba Hubba Loves #FUN People

RM100 Worth Of Hubba Hubba Dining Vouchers Up For Grabs For The Most #FUN Malaysian



Souled Out Loves #LIVELY People

Win A RM100 Voucher From Souled Out If You’re Voted Most #LIVELY Person In Malaysia By Friends



Garage 51 Loves #MOCHA-LOVERS

10 Cups Of Free Mochatella Up For Grabs For The 10 Most #Mocha-Loving People On Wowwwz



Futurelab Supports #CAREER-DRIVEN Individuals

RM1000 Worth Of FutureLab Credits Up For Grabs So The Most #Career-Driven Individuals On Wowwwz Can Get Access To The Best Mentors On FutureLab



Teleme Cares About #HEALTH-CONSCIOUS People

Get A Full-Health Screening (Blood-Test) That Comes With An Online Consultation With A Doctor On Teleme If Friends Vote You As The Most #HEALTH-CONSCIOUS Person In Malaysia.



My BurgerLab Loves #BURGER-LOVERS To Death!

Win A Free Burger (Any Burger You Like) + Set If Friends Vote You As The Most #BURGER-LOVING Person On Wowwwz



Cradle Supports #ENTREPRENEURIAL People!

Get A Chance To Lunch With Cradle’s CEO If You’re Voted The Most #ENTREPRENEURIAL Person On Wowwwz!



Kaodim Supports #EFFICIENT People!

Get RM500 Worth Of Vouchers To Get Things Kaodim-ed For You On Kaodim!



Purely B Is Built For #HEALTHY-EATERS!

The Top 10 #HEALTHY-EATERS In Malaysia Will Get To Go On Purely B’s 21 Day Programme That’ll Get You A Better & Fitter Body! (Worth RM59.95 Each)




The 3 Most #HARDWORKING People On Wowwwz By Merdeka Will Get 1-Month Passes To Work At WORQ’s Lovely Co-Working Space! (Worth RM300 Each)



Applecrumby & Fish Respects #MOTHERLY Moms!

The 3 Most #MOTHERLY People On Wowwwz Will Win RM300 Worth Of Baby Products (Each) From Applecrumby & Fish!



iMoney Understands #FINANCIALLY-SAVVY People!

The 10 Most #FINANCIALLY-SAVVY People On Wowwwz Will Get Help From Consultants On iMoney To Get The Best Rates On Financial Products!



Food Advisor Loves #FOOD-LOVERS!

Win RM900 Worth Of Vouchers From Food Advisor To Enjoy The Best Food In Town!



GoGet Helps #BUSY People Complete Their Tasks!

GoGet Offers To Help The 3 Most #BUSY People On Wowwwz Get Their Errands Done.



Viki Was Built For #K-DRAMA-FANS!

The Biggest #K-DRAMA-FAN On Wowwwz Will Get 1 Year’s Worth Of Free Subscription To K-Dramas On Viki.



All You Need To Do Is To Say Yes!

Get In Touch With Me!


Email Me At :  johnson@wowwwz.com

Call/Whatsapp Me At : +6012 – 3770665

FB Message Me At : facebook.com/johnsonkcs

Visit Me At My Office : The Ark, 53, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur



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