Start-Up Launches Perfect CNY Ang Pow For Overly Concerned Aunties & Uncles

by | Feb 21, 2018

  • Wowwwz is an app that introduces like-minded people to each other

  • The start-up came up with an ang pow perfect for overly concerned aunties & uncles, with instructions on how to meet someone special on the Wowwwz app in 2018

  • They’re also urging uncles and aunties to give more generous ang pows, because, you know, dating is expensive nowadays.

Anticipating the barrage of relationship questions all our aunties and uncles would ask during CNY, a Malaysian start-up has come up with an ang pao packet that would help ease their concerns!

(And ours too! – by giving us more money. Hehe )

Fret Not, Everyone Will Be #SingleNoMore in 2018!




The start-up, Wowwwz, is a romance lifestyle app that introduces like-minded people who’re single to each other while helping couples find interesting things to do on a weekend.

Using an innovative graph database, the app is able to make quality suggestions like:

“Did you know that Richard, Sueann’s friend, also loves coffee, is christian and would go on a backpacking trip across asia?”

Addressing A Real Concern

As we grow older, meeting new people, especially people we’re actually interested in becomes much harder due to our hectic work schedules and dwindling opportunities to meet new friends.

Even if we’re in high school or college, it can be hard to realise that someone in another class or lecture group actually has so much in common with us, let alone be lucky enough to bump into them or have the opportunity to get to know each other better during group work.

Meeting The Right Person, Not Just Some Random Dude Or Chick

Wowwwz claims that their mission is to help every single person in this world find and build lasting romantic relationships.

They hope to one day be able to build a comprehensive set of relationship tools that would solve ALL relationship problems from meeting the right life partner to go on a lifelong adventure with to keeping the romance alive and creating more memorable memories after marriage.

With their graph powered platform, they aim to help people who share the same values, friends and interests (especially those who are just one friend introduction away) discover each other.

Simply put, they aim to help you find your right life partner, someone you’re genuinely compatible with to go on a lifelong journey, not just any random dude or chick based on a profile picture and location.

60,000 Single Guys & Girls



According to Facebook’s latest data, an average person has 500 Facebook friends, which translates into approximately 250,000 people in each of our extended networks, of which 125,000 could be of the opposite sex and 60,000 of them could still be single.

Graph Powered Introductions

Through Wowwwz’s social graph, you would be introduced to up to 20,000 single guys or girls in your extended network who share the same values & interests as you.

To put things into perspective, 20,000 people is an entire Stadium Merdeka (Jay Chou concert) full of single guys or girls who all share the same values and interest as you.

All you have to do is hope that one of them likes you and vice versa.

Less Talk, More Action


So this CNY, overly concerned aunties and uncles all around Malaysia can just hand their beloved nieces and nephews this red packet instead of nagging on and on about getting them to find someone to settle down with.

At least now, there is actually something we can do to find someone who shares the same values and interests as us easily via the Wowwwz app.

Less talk, more action yo! 🙂

Getting Aunties & Uncles To Subsidise Dates

In a way, Wowwwz is also urging Malaysian aunties and uncles to be more generous with their ang pow givings, because, you know, dating is expensive nowadays.

Fancy restaurants, gifts, clothes, perfume, transportation and even parking all costs money!

Just think of how much more money we would need to spend a month if we were dating someone!

Of course, we know that it would all be worth it if we manage to find the right person, because lifelong happiness is priceless, and it would be like heaven on earth if we manage to find our right life partners, but dating is still pretty expensive, so dear uncle and aunties, if you want us to go on dates and find someone special to settle down with, please subsidise us a bit more lah okay! 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

Pick Oranges & Meet Like-Minded People This Chap Goh Mei


In conjunction with Chap Goh Mei, they’ve also built a virtual river with virtual oranges (members of the opposite sex on the Wowwwz app) where single folk can sign up (cast your orange) and pick new ones from the virtual river on the app.

Download the app and try it if you haven’t!

It’s pretty FUN! 🙂


Alright, you caught us! 🙂 That start-up in question is actually us! This article is written by none other than yours truly, Johnson Khoo, the founder of that shameless start-up that writes about itself – Wowwwz 🙂

We’re new, we’re poor, and we’re just a 2 man team working out of a room in a house hoping to build something that would help everyone in this world find true love and build lasting romantic relationships so everyone can live happily ever after!

So, what to do? Gotta be shameless and thick skin a bit and write about ourselves lor :p Hehe 🙂 Hope you’ll understand! 🙂

But we’re dead serious about helping everyone find their right life partners, build lasting relationships and one day solve ALL relationship problems from escaping the friendzone, finding the right partner to what should you do with your bae on a weekend with the help of our revolutionary graph powered technology! (Yup, no joke, drop by our office and we’ll show you)

We’re still an early stage start-up and there are still plenty of bugs now, but stay tuned and watch us evolve! 🙂 We guarantee it will be an exciting journey! 🙂

Download The App



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Did you know that 83% of couples met through a mutual friend?

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Start-Up Launches Perfect CNY Ang Pow For Overly Concerned Aunties & Uncles

They’re also urging uncles and aunties to give more generous ang pows, because, you know, dating is expensive nowadays.

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